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silences between ticks of a clock
Curated by Karl Halliday and Matthew Siddall

Photographs by Christo Crocker

George Paton Gallery
17 - 28 February 2020
Featuring: Rosanna Blacket, Madeleine Lesjak-Atton, Nina Sanadze,
Gail Smith, Tina Stefanou & Mimmalisa Trifilò

Exhibition Catalogue


In a time when our social relations, economic structures and industrial programs are mediated by digital networks unlike ever before - ensuring our lives are surveilled, our communications recorded and our behaviour tracked and analysed - do acts of forgetting, disappearance and silence become forms of political resistance?

‘silences between ticks of a clock’ invites six artists to consider and challenge the roles that memorialisation performs in shaping contemporary experience and the public consciousness, bringing about new understandings of what it means to act and not act today.

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