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"Produced between 2018 and 2020, in passing gathers an intimate selection of photographic fieldwork from the artist’s ongoing inquiry into the biographical dimension inherent in the image-making process.

The title, in passing, carries dual meanings. First, it infers the transience of time, always ‘in passing’, that photography serves to annul. Second, it points to the incidental circumstance of the work’s production, of photographic subjects encountered 'in passing'; acts of improvisation that, more than just being an optical record, trace the decisive psychological event of recognition triggering the image’s conception. Photography is a language after all, and like all virtual processes, it transpires in the mind.  


It is through these fleeting moments of epiphany that in passing projects a private psychological landscape through the prism of the artist’s unconscious desires, fears and doubts. At once fictive and factual, staged and sincere, Halliday's dreamlike images envision a surrogate reality haunted by mortal anxieties and the ghosts of a religious upbringing. Drawing attention to the visual transfer of fantasy within the photographic act, in passing harbours a self-awareness toward the ambiguity of perception as reflected through images framed within frames via mirrors, screens, windows and veils. Here, in his search for self through the heightened subjectivity of the camera lens, in passing seeks to expose the possibility of a ‘personal truth’, a truth independent of fact as simulated through the photographic imagination."

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